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AXJ are the initials of the fastest growing independent international civil and political rights Organization in the world called Actions for Justice and Peace. We were created in 1998 and have grown exponentially and now have over a million Members distributed among 200 Countries world wide.

We are presently searching for Agents, Affiliates, Investors, Reporters, Journalists, Editors, and Publishers to grow with us internationally as the number 1 news aggregator world wide.

Our main concern is with improving the conditions and quality of life of all human beings on Earth.This includes advances in technology applied to health care, etc.

Among our other concerns at the moment, are to stop the missing children and women trafficking mafias. This is big business and has replaced drugs and narcotics.

Then we must also deal with poverty, the homeless, and the destruction of our planet with the use of nuclear power, especially regarding submarines which are destroying our oceans.

We are also involved in ensuring legality as independent international election observers, and have created many Election Oversight Committees to deal with fraud, as experienced recently in the Slovenian Presidential Election. We are presently working on the Regional Election in Spain which will ultimately decide the independence of not of Catalonia from Spain.

How do we deal with all these issues, simply by our Members posting and commenting on news and information they feel is of interest for Humanity.

As a result we decided to create a fully owned and operated independent Organization called AXJ NEWS. There we post the news from our Members published 24/7/365 on the AXJ platform or others on the internet.

Therefore our sources are, to the most part, more than a thousand truthful media outlets which our Members have investigated. It is not always possible to know for certain 100% if the news is real, or just based on speculation and opinion. Also at AXJ NEWS our intention is to publish the most recent news via the RSS feed found at: AXJ NEWS which you can see on the right side menu of this page.

As and independent World News Network we were the world's first, and have become the largest decentralized news aggregator, built on blockchain technology using our own unique neural AXJ networks. Our main goal is the development of the largest decentralized honest and anti-fake news platform in the world. With the help of our 5,000 independent neural networks our AXJ project will provide the Peoples around the world with fully verified and trustworthy news in all languages, in real time, and simply from one website and network called AXJ. At the same time, no one will ever be able to remove, modify, alter, corrupt, or otherwise influence the AXJ.NEWS as a real and unique copywrited and patented news outlet. AXJ.EU is an independent and international news agency registered among other countries, in the EU, and it is created, run and managed by “AXJ NEWS”.




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