AXJ are the initials of the fastest growing independent international civil and political rights Organization in the world called Actions for Justice and Peace. We were created in 1998 and have grown exponentially. We now have over a million Members distributed among 200 Countries world wide we are in the process of licensing. Our Members post and comment on news and information they feel is of interest for Humanity. Therefore we decided to create a fully owned and operated independent Organization called AXJ NEWS. There we post the news from our Members published 24/7/365 on the AXJ platform or others on the internet. Our sources are, to the most part, truthful media outlets which our Members have investigated. It is not always possible to know for certain 100% if the news is real or just based on speculation and opinion. Also at AXJ NEWS our intention is to publish the most recent news via the RSS feed found at: AXJ NEWS

There can be no Peace without Justice. To give you an example, please watch this video below regarding a case being heard in a Federal Court in Bay County, Michigan, in the United States of America ( USA ): Update : Mr. Ted Visner has been finally released on bail: https://www.facebook.com/ted.visner

Mr. Ted Visner is a founding Member of AXJ in Michigan, USA and has been arrested for allegedly growing and selling medical marijuana to patients. What could be more absurd?

Another case AXJ EUROPE has taken on recently, is that of the President of Catalonia, Mr. Carles Puigdemont, presently self-exiled in Belgium for doing his job in representing the will of the Catalan People. AXJ SPAIN, AXJ CATALONIA, AXJ BELIGUM, and AXJ EUROPE are working together as a team to defend Mr. Puigdemont and arguing that he has immunity and can not be arrested by Spain. Here is his most recent interview:





To find out how to set up an AXJ Chapter in your country, contact AXJ at: sales@axj.com.

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