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Why Drupal CMS is the best open source CMS

To opt for a right & optimal content management system (CMS) is quintessential for any sort of business. It becomes more important, especially when you try to boost your online presence and want to draw the attention of your audiences. Undoubtedly, it exists to enhance your web visibility and works great if complemented with constantly updated content, images, and other elements. 


So to choose the best CMS can help you in this situation because it is also a significant factor in the stability of a brand's performance. And when you factor in budget and valuable time in choosing the best CMS, Drupal can perform better for you from the rest of CMS available.


Here are the 3 reasons why we think Drupal is the best open-source CMS for you: 


Enterprise standard


Drupal is known for its robustness, agility, and a rapid module for Drupal web development. And as it is an open-source CMS so it allows all the web developers across the world to work on it and fix the issues and bugs as per their requirement. 


Presently, Drupal is available with thousands of modules through which the developers can add any features to their websites. It empowers them to choose from multiple options that can be added to websites like—Login Modules, CRM, Polls, Security, Backup, Performance. 


Amazingly, to help you with digital marketing skills, it can integrate SEO and Social media accounts.  




Here comes the best part of Drupal. Because it is open source, Drupal is 100 percent free and can be accessed without facing any hassle of the license fee, recurring fees, or the purchase of any sort of features. We know that Drupal comes with a myriad of options when it comes to the range of modules and third-party integrations. These can be used for developing a site of your preferences. 


In totality, it is both cost-effective and feature-rich CMS


Large community support


Drupal is known as a platform that serves everyone without any cost to the developers. So one can set his preferences and use this open-source CMS to make a preferable website. And when you get the support of an active community of more than 1 million members, you will always get new updates to use.


Drupal is everywhere


Presently, about 521,693 websites are live by using Drupal and about 1,197,395 websites have used Drupal till now. 


So basically, you can come across many renowned websites made on Drupal easily. And whatever your imagination and visualization you have about your website. Just gather all the elements, arrange them, and include them on your website. 


A Road to the summary


Are you expecting anything else, especially when you can use anything that you like to include on your website? Certainly not, as Drupal is here to serve you with the best of experience or any way you like. 


So if you are a Drupal developer and vying for the best CMS for your website and want to be associated with the big community, Drupal is the option then. To make your choice easy, here is the guide of features you can check before opting to Drupal:


  • Web Server, Platform, and Database independent 
  • Flexible Taxonomy and Menu Structures 
  • Multiple content types 
  • Content Administration 
  • Third-party plugins 
  • In-built research 
  • Mobile First from the get-go
  • Multilingual features
  • Quick edits
  • Device-specific display, and many more

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