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The AXJ Global Network has been created to find missing children and adults around the world with the help of our approximately 300,000 members which create AXJ blogs and websites, post their news, comments and opinions on them, and then we link them all together in real time. Just search any topic, city or country news by putting the three letters AXJ before the topic. To attend our conferences or post a missing child or adult CLICK HERE We are constantly developing new software systems to update access to our missing children and adults databases in real time 24/7/365, and for access by all local Law Enforcement, FBI in the USA, and INTERPOL Internationally. Download our presentation: www.axj.com/presentation.pdf In the USA if a child goes missing please contact 911 immediately. Then you will be able to access: www.axjchildren.com and input the information. We are now offering our GPS systems to Governments and Organizations world wide to be able to keep track of the missing in their countries and be able to do face recognition and GPS pinpointing. If you would like further information please contact us immediately. To post a missing child or adult CLICK HERE We are prepared to train your government employees on how to install and activate our AXJ GLOBAL GPS TRACKING SYSTEM. We have technical personnel in different fields such as IT, Social Services, Emergency Response, Nursing, etc. To post a missing child or adult CLICK HERE


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Comment by AXJ USA on April 23, 2013 at 1:54am
So the guy was alive and well when they arrested him?





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