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How Immigrants Can Build Connections While Maintaining the Ties that Bind Back Home

Imagine moving to a new country, away from the comfort and familiarity of home and family to make a new life elsewhere. Immigrants forge new paths in the United States every day, departing from loved ones with the hope of building a new, more rewarding life. It is crucial for immigrants to stay in touch with loved ones to ease the burden of transition, not only for them but for people back home. Making new friends in the United States is also important and offers a sense of belonging.

AXJ Global News Network shares some ways immigrants can build connections in a new city.

Meeting People and Making Connections

It can be difficult to get to know people in a new location, particularly if English is not your first language. Connections points out that Some areas offer groups for immigrants to gather, share experiences and build friendships. It could also be fun to expand your knowledge of other cultures as you meet people from varying parts of the world. As you introduce yourself to people in your neighborhood, you may have the opportunity to share information about yourself and what brought you to the United States and specifically to that area.

If you work in a place where you can do so, consider making treats from your home country that co-workers can enjoy. They may do the same, and it could be an opportunity to discuss food culture and share recipes back and forth. It may be fun to invite neighbors over for a potluck and offer up some of your favorite dishes from your homeland. To maintain your relationships with people back home, stay in touch weekly through a variety of methods.

Staying in Touch With the Homeland

Your family and friends back home will want to stay updated on your new life in the United States. Make sure you stay in contact as much as possible, connecting through video chat, phone calls, and text messages. Even if your weekly or daily chats are brief, maintaining contact and letting family know you love and miss them will mean so much. Mix up your methods of communication to keep things fun and interesting.

If you are a family who enjoys playing games, you may find that it is possible to continue this tradition even across the miles. Video chats and other online methods of contact offer gaming options that can be a fun way to spend time together, as well as eating meals together virtually or hosting watch parties — there are endless ways to make time to connect. You may also find that the needs of people back home are compelling you to offer other types of support.

Sharing Resources With Your Home Country

Forbes notes that the desire to help loved ones financially is a prime reason many people make the decision to emigrate. Sending money overseas used to be a risky prospect, but it is far safer with today’s digital solutions.

Sending funds abroad these days is safe and easier, whether you are transferring funds home to Vietnam, Mexico, Uganda or another country. When you use a transfer service, you can eliminate the stress of knowing whether your money arrived. With a platform like Remitly, you have access to excellent exchange rates, and funds can be transferred quickly and for a minimal cost. For example, funds can be transferred to Vietnam for as low as $1.99.

Community and connection mean everything. You can find belonging and support in a variety of ways while staying in touch with loved ones back home.

Image credit: Pixabay

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